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About Us

Elective cosmetic or plastic surgery is an exciting, personal decision, but there’s no reason for you to feel alone while you make it. Dr. Robert Houser, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, & Dr. Casey Kraft, use a team-focused approach to help you achieve the very best & most natural-looking results possible for your unique body & specific goals. Dr. Houser & Dr. Kraft’s excellence is rooted in the time they take to make sure you understand all your options, the advantages & disadvantages of each, & what to expect during & after your procedure. In this partnership, they will bring the education, training, & skills. You will bring your vision for your best self along with a commitment to follow all the instructions for a safe & successful outcome. Together, you will find the freedom that comes with this kind of change-a special process that can only be created through the right combination of doctor & patient.
Dr. Houser has been providing award-winning services to patients just like you. In fact, his outstanding reputation stretches beyond Ohio, drawing patients from out of state every year. Dr. Kraft’s European fellowship training in cosmetic surgery procedures enhances our offerings, allowing us to add new techniques & approaches to our practice. Dr. Houser & Dr. Kraft are recognized not only for their exceptional skills, but also for the empathic way in which they work with each patient. You’re not just their next tummy tuck; you are an individual who is taking the time to be vulnerable about what you want for your life.

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